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EST. 1898



Indulge in the timeless charm of Pano Wine Bar, Istanbul's oldest haven for wine enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of history as you savor exquisite wines, expertly curated to complement the city's ancient allure. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and sophistication at Pano Wine Bar – where every sip tells a story, and every moment is a celebration of Istanbul's enduring spirit.

Founded by Panayot Papadulos in 1898, leaving a trace in history like wine, Pano bears the traces of Papadulos, a Greek family living in Samatya. Papadulos, who sold all his property to make Pano, beautifies Pano over the years and makes it the only wine-selling building in history.

Income comes, but this road is quite difficult: Panayot Papadopoulos, who lived as a member of the Greek minority in the Ottoman lands, started to sell the wine he brought from Bozcaada in barrels in Beyoğlu, secretly at first, and then opened the Pano Winery in 1898.  The board is recognized in a short time and Beyoğlu regulars are no longer obsessed with it.

In short, Perada is Pano. The name of Panayot is a man who does not take off his leather vest with goggles, even while lying down.  Now he comes from Mürefte in the back of the wine truck with giant barrels and empties them into the barrels like Noah's Ark in the cellar. The Board arrives at 6 am, pours a mug of wine into the pump and starts filling the bottles. It won't open the doors without filling the bottles.  The first customer is always the dentist Yervant.

When the door is opened, he falls inside, cannot spare time for the examination due to the time he spares for wine, and is evicted because he cannot pay the rent. He asks Pano to put his things in the shop. He puts it in the cellar on the board.  But he says "don't stay too long". One day, a patient with a toothache comes. Yervant asks Pano to turn on the light. He'll be asking for water soon. When patients increase over time. The board asks Yervant to participate in the money for water and electricity… 

Moved to the cellar floor, Yerevant both examines his patients and drinks wine with them.  Everything is nice, but the period is not so good. One day Panayot (Pano)  One of his neighbors breaks the window of Pano. Panayot goes and complains,  neighbor has to have the glass installed. The neighbor, who got angry because of the complaint, puts his acquaintances from the municipality, and the police officers who go to Panayot's winery give a ban on various excuses.  


Panoyat, who was very upset about this situation, dies of the heart on the spot.  After Panayot's death, relatives run the winery. The last operator is Armenian Emel Hanım. After his death, the Board closes in 1987.  Until 1997, when Fevzi Büyükerol bought the Pano to restore it.

Pano, whose story is as deep as wine, continues 'without getting old' in the same place with their increasing friendships and increasing glasses over the years. The winery that Panayot died for brings together his friends again...  Leaving a memory for everyone who passes by this magical atmosphere, Pano undoubtedly takes him on a long and deep journey from his youth to the present.

The high ceiling, the delicate violin recital playing inside, is perhaps the only beautiful thing reminiscent of Beyoğlu… And maybe it's time to be side by side again:  "Who said that one does not know what is haram, Khayyam, I do not confuse halal with haram. The wine we drink with you is halal, even the water we drink without you is haram…” So don't drink wine together...






0212 292 66 64


Monday - Sunday : 12:00 - 02:00


Hüseyinağa Mahallesi, Hamalbaşı Caddesi No:12/B Beyoğlu, Istanbul

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